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Icon Post #35

Hello, remember me?! I'm so sorry it has been about a decade since my last icon post!! Same old excuses work, got in the way but I have still been making icons and other graphics once in a while. So here is a mixture of some old and some new stuff. Some Half-Blood Prince icons - don't worry Deathly Hallows ones will be coming next! I know #5 an #6 are very similar but I couldn't decided which one looked better so I've given you both and you can choose! I've made some from the Dawson's Creek finale (which I still love) and a few misc Joey/Pacey ones. A bunch from a rather old Home & Away episode (I made those ages ago) but conveniently they're showing these particular episodes on Fiver (in the UK) right now as part of their 'cliffhanger' series! And finally some icons from the very emotionally Doctor Who finale with David Tennant's exit. I will be making some from the new series with Matt Smith though because I love him and Karen Gillan as well!

Until next time then. Enjoy the icons!

[13] Harry Potter
[33] Dawson's Creek
[20] Doctor Who
[43] Home and Away

[01] Wallpapers (Home and Away)

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Icon Post #35 - A Tribute to Belle & Aden: Summer Bay's Greatest Couple

Hey everyone, it's been so long since I've posted a batch of icons so I'm really excited about this one!

SPOILER ALERT!! : To anyone outside the UK and Australia who hasn't seen the latest Home & Away episodes. This covers the entire Belle/Aden realtionship so if you don't know what happens only continue at your own risk! ;)


I've been in mourning for several weeks now over Belle Taylor but most of all my beloved couple Belle & Aden (Adelle).

I felt absolutely gutted when I found out that the writers were killing off Belle!! I along with many others fell in love with them on day one - when Aden started climbing through Belle's window. I have invested so much in Adelle, I adored them. It turns out it was a good thing I found out about the storyline like 3 months in advance because it gave me some time to prepare!
If she had die though, I think this was the way it should have been done. Belle died while she and Aden had married and were very much in love and in his arms. It was both written and played beautifully by Jessica Tovey and Todd Lasance. The build up was so poignant, and so symbolic of their entire relationship. I cried my eyes out, I mean litterally sobbed, after the death scene and then again at the funeral and that has never happened to me when watching TV - I mean I've had tears in my eyes before but nothing more than that.

I feel heartbroken that my favourite couple will never have their happy ending.

Wow, I've spent a long time on this post it has taken me AGES so you better appreciate it!
For this very special occasion I have made icons, banners and wallpapers and I have also made my very first fanmix! It starts at the beginning of there relationship and follows right the way through to a truely heartbreaking song at the end. I wanted to do a graphic/banner for every song in the mix but it was taking too long, I might do it at a later day. Anyway I hope you enjoy it. Give me some feedback and happy downloading.

So here is my tribute to their realtionship:
It was passionate, loving, firey, intense, cute, playful and...forever.

R.I.P Belle Taylor

R.I.P Adelle

[47] Home and Away (Belle & Aden)

[03] User Info Banners
[02] Wallpapers

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My Handmade Jewellery!

Hey everyone, I know long time no post!! I haven't been abducted by aliens I've just been incredibly busy with exams then starting Uni and just general life things! But I have still been making icons because I love it and I've got several batches of icons ready to post soon.

Icons coming up: Home & Away (including a specially dedicated post), Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill...

The main reason I haven't posted on here for a while is because my time has been taken up with my new hobby - jewellery making! I love being creative and started making jewellery about a year ago when somebody gave me a book about it, I taught myself...and I haven't stopped making since! I started off making presents for my friends and family (and for myself!) but then I got to a point where I'd made so much that I thought I should start selling it. I have already sold a load of items to friends/family/neigbours and also at an exhibition, an open day at my old school/college, a craft fair, and at a jewellery 'party' I had at home. However I wanted my jewellery to be seen by a wider audience and thats when I found Etsy! I have over hundred items ready to sell so I've still got lots of updates to do to the site. I ship my items internationally so wherever you are in the world you can buy my jewellery. Please take a look at my website and give me some feedback! I would love to hear what kinds of things people like.

I love making bright, colourful, sparkly jewellery that makes you feel good about yourself when you wear it. My moto: a girl can never have enough jewellery...

My Handmade Jewellery

Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets (coming soon!) & Rings

Buy Handmade

You can also join my facebook group about my online Etsy store and get regular updates on my work. You can find it here:

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Icon Post #34

New year, new layout! Do you like? So as promised here I have some icons of The Notebook, including lots of Noah/Allie, and I've made a big batch of Home & Away icons which are mostly devoted to Belle/Aden - who I must add, since my favourite couples post a few months ago, have leap frogged there way into the Top 5 at least!! I love them SO much! I've also made a batch of Half-Blood Prince icons. It really is killing me waiting for this film to come out!

Enjoy the icons!

[28] Harry Potter
[34] Home and Away
[22] The O.C
[19] The Notebook

[03] Wallpapers (Home and Away)

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Hey everyone, there is a new round at best icon maker so if you think my icons deserve it you can nominate them at:

Best Icon Maker

A new icon post is on it's way!...

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I just wanted to wish all (160!!) of my friends a very Merry Christmas!!
I hope everyone has a fabulous time and all the best for 2009!
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Icon Post #33 - Christmas Icons

Seasons greetings! Just like this time last year I have made a very festive themed batch of icons. I meant to get this done a bit earlier but never mind!! I hope people like it. Enjoy and I hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas! Look forward to loads more icons from me in the new year...

[11] Harry Potter
[23] Gilmore Girls
[15] Roswell
[10] Home and Away
[09] Friends

[03] Banners/Headers
[02] Wallpapers

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